“During the last 5 years we have worked with Chris Purchase during Elbit, Europe’s biggest consumer electronic training conference with more than 5000 attendees from 5 countries. Chris’ role was to welcome the retail sales associates to the Google training, set the scene for the upcoming session and summarise the learnings at the end.
The success of the Google classrooms are largely due to his stellar performance. Chris combines humour and information in a way that sales associates remember easily. His audience loves his style and are looking forward to seeing. For us in Google this means highly effective trainings that people perceive as entertainment rather than a teaching lesson.
What makes Chris so impactful? 1) He is highly sensitive to his audience and has the flexibility to adjust his style, no matter which of our six nations is sitting in front of him, whether they are fresh in on the first day or hang-over from the last night. 2) He is passionate about his role and people feel that he cares. And 3) he is super dedicated to make your event the best one ever. He invites feedback and will give feedback to turn learnings into action.
It has been a pleasure to work with Chris and I’m looking forward to working with him on our next event.”
Stefanie Witte
ChromeOS Lead, Northern Europe
“Chris delivered a great performance on 21 June 2018 to a room full of finance professionals and local business owners at Fazeley Studios in Birmingham. The event was a charity dinner and we were raising money for st Giles Hospice, the Prince’s Trust and Northampton Hope Centre. Chris stuck to his brief and ensured the guests were suitably entertained by his comedy set, nicely warming them up for the charity auction that followed.
I would highly recommend Chris to anyone looking to make a room full of people laugh!”
Umesh Nischal
Relationship Manager, RBS Invoice Finance

“I’m a lawyer, Chris has run various Zoom comedy nights for my team and clients, and they’ve all been very well received. He’s able to break down the artificiality of the situation by blending jokes and observations with genuine interaction, and it makes for a very funny and engaging experience. I’ve had great feedback from colleagues and clients, and wouldn’t hesitate to book him again – for Zoom shows or actual real life gigs!”

Joe Morris
“We have used Chris’ services for the last two years. Chris once again went above and beyond the brief he was provided with. Not only is he an excellent comedian and compere, he built the confidence of delegates that attended. Chris is a pleasure to work with and will always offer more than what is expected. We will definitely work with Chris again. Thanks again for your help throughout all of the events in the last few months!“ Adam, Google/TRO Team
“Chris was professional and friendly, and was a pleasure to work with throughout.”
Hannah Savigar-Jones, South Gloucestershire Council, Stoptober Campaign
“Calm, assured and very funny, Chris has the astounding ability to turn any observation to comedy gold” Adrian Olsen, Agent, TED Talent
“Absolute pleasure to watch from the moment he sets foot on the stage! Bubbly & ‘theatrical’ in delivery, a character with natural comedic talent! Engages the audience right from the start….And in addition to that is one of the most polite & charming acts in comedy! Simply Star Quality” Natalie Kelly, Customer Service Manager, Grosvenor Casinos
“Thank you so much for hosting our festival on Saturday, everybody had a fantastic time and agreed that you made the day the success it was. A pleasure to work with and look forward to booking you again soon “
Annette Cooper, Pioneer club, St Albans
“Thank you for making the night a terrific success, we couldn’t have done it without you” A.R.C.H.I.V.E. Institute
“THANK YOU so much for Saturday night. It was a smash hit! Everyone told us after how they loved the show and were so impressed with your performance”
Cindy Hanson, MadLoveGame launch party
“I had an amazing time, absolutely loved it”
Tony (Groom), Private Wedding
“I have booked Chris a few times now and he is absolutely brilliant. I had him Close for me at Boardmasters festival last year and the 400+ that came to see absolutely loved him, so much so that I have actually had a lot of people email/write to me to ask me if I would please get him back again this year. So I have.. if you want a brilliant comic who’s guaranteed to bring the laughs then book him”
Graham Wilkes, Boardmasters
“I had organised my friends ‘vintage tea party’ hen do. Chris was the last bit of entertainment of the night and i was so excited to have him on! From the minute he arrived to the minute he left, Chris was friendly, chatty and above all, hilarious!!
Chris had asked me before hand for random information about the hen which he worked into his act which was brilliant as it felt very personal.
Chris’ set was family friendly and everybody enjoyed his hilariously clever anecdotes.
Chris included the audience and even got the hen up on stage to do a one liner joke! She loved it!!
If there was anybody I would recommend who is a professional, talented comedian who clearly loves his job, it would be Chris!! Thank you!!!”
Liandra R Borg

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