Getting back to running

YAAR THE FITNESS PIRATE IS BACK! It’s -5 and slippery as hell but for three months off I’m happy with that time.

“I laid my armour out the night before, I could already feel the demon crawling around the edges of my mind trying to weaken my resolve for the battle tomorrow. It would take full control when I slept and I woke with all the insecurities I’d fought the day before refreshed from their night of reinforced nourishment. I could hear it’s low whispering in the cold morning dark “you’re tired, your back hurts, you should rest” it wasn’t lying but it knew what I wanted to hear, the tiny truths that led to the bigger lies “it’s too cold out there, you can start tomorrow” it’s voice a twisted mockery of my own. Ignoring it I pulled my armour on, the lightweight, breathable fabric whispered against my skin promising hope. “It’ll be tight, people on the street will stare” the demon hissed “how about a coffee first?” in my mind I dusted off a forgotten shield forged from a million truths and shook the cobwebs from a sword carved from fury “Come on, you’ll wake everyone else in the house up if you go out now” I could tell it was getting desperate ” I laced trainers that had taken a thousand first steps and checked my watch, unlocking the back door I heard the demon shuffle nervously and slip past me into the biting air “Your hands will go numb, go back inside” it half pleaded “now’s not the time” it sprang at me, trying to use it’s weight to knock me down and hold me there like it had so many times before but this time I was prepared. As it reached it’s talons towards me I raised my arm, catching it by the throat “Run” I said, looking into it’s eyes, my eyes, and seeing fear for the first time, I pulled it up, hurtling it out into the still crunchy snow “RUN!” and I took off after it. I’m not just fighting demons anymore, I’m hunting them.”

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