Right so here’s the big announcement I mentioned. I’m doing my first ever subscribers only event a week from today.

Since losing over ten stone, a lot of you have asked for videos on how I lost all the weight and then kept it off, not just the physical aspects of it but also the mental exercises I do to maintain my health. What I’ve decided to do is a live stream for subscribers with live Q&A so everyone can get specific answers. It’ll be over on Twitch which is free to sign up to but it’ll only be available to people who subscribe to my channel. If you’ve got Amazon prime you can subscribe for absolutely nothing. I’ll be taking you through how I lost the weight, apps I use, mental techniques to build confidence and good habits, exercise, groups I’ve joined. Basically everything and anything you think I’ve missed out you’ll be able to ask about immediately live.

I’m very excited about sharing all of this with you so it’s Tuesday 13th October 2020 at 8pm on

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