We’ve got to show up

Really proud of Lichfield today. Proper peaceful socially distanced protest stretching all the way from one end of the city to the other. Organiser came around with a tape measure to make sure everyone was distancing, police liaison did the same. Huge support from drivers honking as they drove past, an ice cream van turned back on itself just to show support with it’s music, even ambulances honking as they drove past waving. This is my first protest. I can’t just share a social media post and feel less guilty for my lack of actual action, that’s never been enough. I was worried about going today but last night Lucy turned to me and said “We’ve got to show up, if we don’t show up for people who need us to how can we ever expect people to show up for us”. We all need to show up.

Bloody well done to everyone today for showing up.

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