A couple of days ago my wife turned to me and said “I miss you”, we’re in isolation and I’ve been so focused on trying to be a good dad and provider that I’m working non stop. To combat that I’m sticking this schedule in place so you know when stuff is coming out and I’m better organised.

In short you’ll get better quality content, spread out over the week.

Monday is mental health day with a new episode of my “Who Gives A Sh*t” podcast and an “I Fight Demons” video

Tuesday is a New Sketch day so you’ll get something funny to watch and share

Wednesday is Distractanory, the collaborative novel I write during the week then read to a camera and upload by 8pm. Remember to watch and make suggestions.

Thursday is another New Sketch to keep us going with some laughs.

Friday is another mental health day with an end of the week “I Fight Demons” video

And Sunday is the big one as it’s “Live From His Dining Room” at 8.30pm. The topical comedy talk show I stream live from facebook.com/thechrispurchase Eventually this will be from YouTube but I need 1k followers on there first

Don’t worry if you miss anything as it’ll all be uploaded to YouTube at http://www.youtube.com/c/ChrisPurchase

All I need from you is what you’d like to see covered in Sunday’s show and if you’re into books and stories some suggestions for the Wednesday novel. Plus letting me know what you’re enjoying and sharing it with others.

I’m really excited about all the things I’ve started doing so let me know what you think too and share anything you’re enjoying so we can do this more and more.

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