Thank you ChrisPians!

FUCK MY DICE THAT WAS INCREDIBLE! A complete sell out for the first ever performance of “20 Sided Dice” at the Nottingham Comedy Festival and it was amazing, easily the best hour show I’ve ever written and the audience was so good. Thank you to everyone that came out, you really made it a perfect night for me. I can’t wait to keep touring this show. I’m on such a high right now! A stand-up show about Dungeons and Dragons and how it’s made my life better, I never thought I’d be able to do a show like this and it sold out! For everyone that came thank you again and I hope that tonight you, like me, will be killing some goblins.

Huge thank you to Taylor Saranic and Jen Bower for making it possible

If you’d like me to come to your city/town/hamlet/tavern and perform “20 Sided Dice” email me here

Here’s a little snippet for everyone that missed it

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