New show, new tour dates

I know I’ve been quiet, there’s thousands of you on here and I haven’t updated you in *checks last blog post* over a year?! Oh no! I am so sorry I’ve been out of touch however this is good news.

I have a new show, it’s a bit different, it’s funny but it’s also very geek culture heavy. I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s about me and Dungeons and Dragons. Yes you heard me right, Dungeons and Dragons. There’s jokes, there’s niche geek references, there’s audience interaction but most importantly there’s dice. I may even take the piss out of Big Bang Theory. It’s called “Chris Purchase: Twenty Sided Dice” and it’s world premier is November 1st at the Nottingham Comedy Festival (ticket link) if you can’t make that don’t worry I’ll be doing it again on all over the country at some point.

More venues and dates to be announced but for now come see me in less than a month with a show I’ve been wanting to do my whole life.

(I do realise the ticket link directs to a different titled show but that’s on me and my indecisiveness)

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