You blew it up 

This is all I’ve got America. You really fucked up this time but at least we know why no time travellers go back to kill Hitler now it’s because they waste all their time travelling crystals trying to go back and kill Trump only to fail as they’re bombarded by bullshit. 2016 what’s next? Will Mugabe become Secretary-General of the UN? Kim Jung Un gets nominated for a Nobel (doesn’t matter what in he’s already won them all according to his country’s press)? 

What you did just there America is you legitimised every racist and every sex offender, every entitled white male who knew he was wrong about his misogyny has now been told he can touch whoever he likes wherever he likes, it’s just locker room talk after all and boys will be boys, also any LGBTQ or anyone who isn’t white isn’t welcome in America. America the land of the free white people, because everyone else is a freak or a criminal.

The only good thing about this is that England isn’t the World’s disappointing middle child anymore, we can go back to safely calling Americans idiots again without a hint of irony even though we believed a man who looks like a toad and uses buses as post it notes. 


  1. Hi Chris, Your second paragraph absolutely nails it. We live in strange times. Come back to Bedford soon We need your style of comedy even more now.

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