Poppies. Wear a poppy, don’t wear a poppy, that’s up to you. If I don’t wear one assume it’s because:
– I had one and lost it
– Don’t have one and don’t want one
– Am afraid to align myself with people using it for racist political agendas
– Had an opium addiction that I beat and the sight of poppies reminds me of all the times I sucked a stranger’s dick in an alley for just one more hit
– My father was killed by a poppy and I still haven’t got my revenge
– It’s on another jacket
– It’s in my pocket because this is an expensive jacket
– I’m allergic
– I only give to charities who advertise with cute animals
Pick any one of those reasons, think it in your head then react accordingly, again in your head. Whatever you choose with poppies is your decision and much like same sex marriage no one else’s business.
Let people do what they want, it’s a poppy.

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