The rise of misogyny

Right. I am angry. Furious in fact. So angry that I am struggling to form sentences that don’t end with libasfbjfbjascbjasd as I mash my fists into the keyboard in a hulk like mega rage.

This morning I read this – Click to read article

That’s a man claiming that sexual assault and rape is perfectly acceptable. He’s claiming that and then getting paid to teach men how to do it.


WHAT THE F**K!!!!!! Over 40,000 people signed a petition to keep this man out of Canada and here he is doing it in 40 different countries including Scotland! He even shows people where the best places to sexually assault women are.

He says that if any women go near his event he will take a picture of them and send them out to all of his followers who will take “action”.

Well, my followers, look at this picture.


This is Roosh V, the man behind it. He’s scum. If you see him take appropriate action.

Even if you don’t see him, sign this to keep him out of Scotland KEEP THE FILTH OUT OF SCOTLAND




  1. Well yes…even in his “PUA” community he is universally despised. Its just a man making a lot of noise in the hope of being heard….Do not feed the trolls. The best thing you can do is ignore him….and refuse him further exposure. Just mah two cents.

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