Dark Times

A few months ago I was starting to experiment with slightly darker comedy, as you guys will know, and I sent out a couple of jokes into the ether not really hoping for anything back but just seeing what everyone thought of my new direction. The response was phenomenal. My stuff got shared everywhere, tens of thousands shared my personal posts and millions copied it and shared it with me tagged. It even got translated into French, German, someone changed the currencies so it worked in America and Australia,  it was liberating and completely amazing. This wasn’t my usual stuff, this was stuff I thought was too dark for an audience.


(here’s the most popular one, photo credit to Tyler Howlett)

It made me feel incredible, I was talking about stuff I believed in and people loved it.

I almost didn’t put this up. I’d put a few up before and the reaction from some peers had been so negative that it made me question myself. I started talking to a fantastic comic called Simon King (seriously check out this video – LINK) who encouraged me to stick up that meme. I did and now it’s everywhere.

Then he encouraged me to do a whole set based on this kind of stuff and then a show together.

So now we have a whole show we’re doing in London on Monday January 22nd at the Camden Head in Camden and we’d love you to come. Here’s the link to buy tickets – http://www.wegottickets.com/event/345133

It’s going to be something entirely different to what’s around now but also a bit old school, comedy with teeth and intelligence. Check out the link and if you’re reading this it’s probably for you.

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