The need to succeed

Big news everyone. Yesterday I booked the first date of my first ever tour in a real theatre! OHMYGODTHISISSOEXCITINGANDSIMULTANEOUSLYSUPERSTRESSFUL

I will be taking a tour on the road next year. That tour will be called “Proof of Purchase”.

It will be funny. It will be emotional. It will be exciting.

I’m going to update regularly as the tour develops and takes shape because I’m doing something a lot of people would consider stupid. I’m doing it on my own.

I don’t have an agent (anymore), I don’t have a tour manager, I just have my family and our inability to see something as impossible.

Next year I’ll be taking it as an hour solo show to the Edinburgh Fringe but on the lead up to that I’ll be touring it in at least 10 venues up and down the country.

This isn’t a show about sticking it to the man, this isn’t us overcoming any kind of odds, this is just me wanting to take a tour on the road and make a bunch of people laugh. It’s just that simple.

There is so much that needs to be done from PR to actually writing the damn thing to organising snacks. I mean are we going to be Pringling or is it more of a sweet and salted popcorn type show?! WE JUST DON’T KNOW YET!

What we do know is it’ll be amazing.

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