That thing we did

Some of you are already more than aware of the craziness last weekend had in store for myself and Ben Van Der Velde. You tweeted us, you texted us, you called us and one of you hunted us mercilessly just to deliver life saving granola (more on this later) but for all the others that didn’t this is what happened.

Over the weekend Ben and I walked between 48-56 miles (we lost track of it) in 21 hours straight for Mark Watson’s 27 Hour challenge and visited 103 embassies in London. On paper it sounds like a lot but manageable. When Ben and I decided on it we looked at the figures and thought “yeah that’ll be hard but it’s only a day and a bit right?” we were so wrong.  There were points where we each wanted to give up individually. About 4 hours into it, when we’d both been awake for 21 hours already, at 3am on Saturday morning I turned to Ben and said “I don’t think I can do this, I’m already aching and exhausted” and he said “We’re doing this, we’re going to do all of it” we then sat on a kerb and Ben looked at our map to find the next embassy, I’d nodded off in the 30 seconds.


(You never forget your first)

4 hours later and we were heading towards the North Korean embassy, I was on my second wind and chomping on a breakfast of stale cookies and freezing water, Ben starts feeling sick and is obviously not loving the exertion. Never has anyone been so excited about North Korea and finding it’s embassy was like a beacon in the darkness. We both took some painkillers, some caffeine pills and a big ol’ dose of “FUCK YEAH!” set our feet in motion and headed back towards Central London. By the end of it we’d got to 103 embassies and many many times one of us would turn to the other and say “I can not do this” and each time the other would go “Yes we bloody can!”. Without Ben telling me we could I would have given up in the first 6 hours and I believe telling Ben he was “Superman, two Batmans and a whole Green Lantern” stopped him thinking about the warning pain in his right leg that may have signified long term tendon damage.

It was an amazing thing we did, It was an amazing thing everyone involved with Mark Watson’s 27 hour show did. We’ve already thanked everyone but really without the people who supported us we wouldn’t have been able to do it. The event itself raised over £82,000 and our supported contributed £1170 so far. You can still go and add to this, supporting Comic Relief itself, over at and we’d love to give even more than we have so far!

Last thing I should say is thank you Ben. We shared too much for too long but it was amazing.

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