Normal programming will resume shortly but first….

Wow has it been a year already? It seriously has been a year since I started blogging! I mean it’s gone in a blur and we’ve had some great times so I’d say it was a massive success, that and we now have over 2000 subscribers! Image

I mean that in itself to me is a bit shocking, 2045 people want to receive my blog directly to their email so they can keep up to date with it. It’s humbling and I appreciate all the support. There’s been times when I’ve wanted to stop and everytime I look at how many of you there are and I think “for every 1 dickhead there’s 2000 people who want me to keep going, 2000 people is a significant army of Purchfans. Fuck the dickheads”. So thank you for being there guys. I want to thank everyone who visits this blog daily too, there’s 100s of page hits a day so either it’s the same people desperate for new stuff or it’s a lot of different people checking up occasionally. There’s the other option that it’s people looking for granny porn but that never happens right?

Screenshot 2014-06-23 at 10.39.06



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