Laughter Dowry (updated)

My last post was about the crazy campaign I’ve started to try and fund my entire wedding with laughter. If you haven’t seen it you can head over to the Indiegogo crowdfunding page here – Wedding Dowry – and get yourself a joke, a performance or just share it with all of your social media contacts.


(and it would be great if your parents could share it with their contacts too)

The idea was that I wanted to give Lucy something incredible. The start of our life together would be fuelled entirely by the laughter and happiness of those around us. It’s a crazy idea but often they’re the best and usually the most original. So it’s been a week now and we’ve had a lot of amazing people jump on the idea. I’ve written a load of specific jokes for people, recorded a video of me in a swim cap and been in a few radio shows and newspapers. Even more people have sent the information out to their contacts, getting as many people involved as possible. It’s just been fantastic and I’m getting emotional just thinking about it.


(You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve had to go to my feelings shed)

There’s always a question in my mind when I start doing anything in my career about how it will affect my loved ones, when you’re travelling around the country every day and publicly ridiculing yourself there’s always something coming back at you, so I want this to be the positive side of being a public figure. That has of course happened already, there’s always a cross section of people who hate anything other people do that appears more successful than themselves, but it’s been a lot easier to ignore it when I get one more person asking for a personal joke or recording.


(or pole dance)

So get yourself over to the campaign page and help me to give the perfect woman the perfect day by making you laugh.




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