2013 Roundup

I’ve had an incredible year and thought I’d do a little recap, mainly for myself, of the highlights. There’s been times when I’ve felt like it’s all a bit much and I’ve been ready to give up but it’s at those times that I’ve realised that getting through the hardest times make the good times even better. This is going to be a post about overcoming odds and achieving things I could never have dreamed of so anyone not wanting to read about success should look away now.


It’s going to be a list in ascending order so we’ll start with the smallest achievements and move up to the biggest ones.

1. I’ve been booked for slots at the Comedy Store, Jokers Klub, Komedia, Frog and Bucket and many other massive clubs. This might seem like a huge achievement (and it is really) but it’s the culmination of years of effort and work so for me I’m taking it for granted a bit. I actually can’t believe I’m going to be performing on stages where my heroes regularly perform and it hasn’t quite sunk in yet that I’m where I want to be careerwise.

2. I’ve been booked to be on TV for the first time. I’ll be live hosting a bid based show for 2.5hrs on Jan 16th. I still have no idea what channel it’ll appear on or what the bid is for but still it’s pretty amazing. In all honesty it could be that I’m reading sexy texts from Japanese businessmen and then reacting to them on a satin sofa while clad only in cheap underwear but comedians have claimed TV credits for less.

3. I hosted a 4 day conference for the biggest online company in the world at Old Trafford. This was the career highlight of the year. When I first accepted the job it sounded pretty tough, 4 solid days of making people laugh would challenge any comedian, but it was incredible. I made some fantastic friends AND the whole event was an incredible success.

bragging (1)

4. I lost 3 stone. I’ve fought a battle with my weight all my life. I comfort eat so where some people get drunk and smash up their living room when they’re stressed I eat an entire packet of custard creams and cry. This year I decided it was time to fix that behaviour and bit by bit I got myself down to 20 stone after starting at 23. It was tough but I did it.  2014 will be the year where I drop to something more respectable like 16 stone but for now I’m ecstatic that I’m fitting into clothes I haven’t worn in 10 years.

5. I signed up to walk 80 miles in 4 days. Some of you will know about this but I’ve signed up for James Alderson’s Mic, Bike and Hike event where some of us comedians will be walking from London to Portsmouth gigging every night along the way all in the name of Macmillan Cancer Research – Mic, Bike and Hike – There are some massive names involved and I’m proud to be part of it.

6. I wrote a bunch of How To articles and got thousands of messages from people thanking me for them. This made my year so thank you to everyone that took the time to get in touch, even the massively negative and anonymous ones, every single email I got showed that the articles were being read and making a difference.



(“THIS MAN IS HELPING PEOPLE AND THAT MAKES ME ANGRY! HOW DARE HE!” Almost the most flattering thing you could say about me)

7. I went full time. I’ve been performing comedy for 5 years but this year in March I took it on as a full time job and quit the IT desk forever. I’m not going to lie and say it hasn’t been tough but it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. Living off your passion is the greatest feeling in the world and every day I’m reminded that I’m exceedingly lucky. I get to work with incredible people in amazing places and do awesome things what could be better?!

8. I got my girls back. I’m not going to go over it again (I’ve told the story here if you want a recap). It was amazing and even now I can’t believe how lucky we were.

9. We moved in together. Lucy and I had decided that we were moving in together this year then the events of May happened and we sped up the process, getting our first place as a family the day after my birthday. The world’s most amazing woman is in love with me and I get to wake up next to her every day, if that doesn’t prove that the world is an awesome place filled with wonderful things then I don’t know what is. I can’t imagine my life without Lucy and frankly I don’t want to.



(I know, I know, but this is my blog and if I want to write mushy things I will! YOU CAN’T STOP LOVE!)

10. I have never quit. Loads of great things have happened this year but there’s also been a lot of challenges. There have been a lot of times when I’ve been down and thought to myself “how can I get through this? I should just give up” but when those times happened there was always someone there to point at this list of things (the ones right here) and show me what we’d been through and what I’d achieved. This year has taught me that the best things in life don’t come easy and if something is worth anything then it’s worth fighting for. People will try to bring you down to their level because they’re scared of your success or happiness, by being sad you’re letting them win. That’s why I’m here in a home with my family surrounding me, my passion as my career knowing that, while it might not be easy, my life is perfect.

Well that’s it folks, that’s my 2013 roundup. I hope your year has been as incredible as mine and that tonight you’ll party like you hate your bodies and they must be punished. Tomorrow I want to see pictures of you making some very bad decisions. Happy New Year Purchinators!

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