Random acts of Purchase

First off let me say this is a post of two parts so to begin with I guess I owe you guys an apology. It’s been a big month with lots going on and I do one single post. I don’t do a “How to Christmas Gigs” or a “How to Festive Jokes” or anything. That’s because after my last post I got a lot of stuff from comedians at the same level as or above me attacking me for helping out newer comics. I’m a pretty sensitive guy with lots going on in my personal life so instead of letting it wash over me and taking it as a compliment I took it to heart and just shut down.


(You know like a mature, sensible adult with no self esteem issues whatsoever)

This apology isn’t for not posting this apology is for letting it get to me. This apology is for being a hypocrite and not using my own advice.  There’s almost 1600 of you now so instead of apologising individually to you here’s something just to show you how it’s going to be from now on.


Anyway onto the second part of this post. Would you like to hear about what’s happening in the Purchase world? You would?! Oh well that’s delightful lets get this party started!

The biggest thing that happened this month was I decided that the Comedy world needed to give something back without any intention of getting anything for itself. A lot of comedians I’ve met have said they want to do something with their talents that would help people who really need it. With that in mind I introduce you to Random Acts of Comedy 

Random Acts of Comedy has been set up as an organisation to provide laughter to those that really need it. We work with organisations around the UK to bring our army of volunteer comedians to people who are going through difficult times. Every single one of us is an experienced comedian, already performing to thousands of people every week, volunteering our time to people who wouldn’t normally be able to see a comedy show.

Sometimes the world is a dark place, we’re here to bring a little light back to it.

Comedians if you want to get involved drop me an email at christpuchase@gmail.com. Anyone else that wants to help or just get more information drop a message through the website and one of the team will get back to you almost instantaneously. We really need all the help we can get so please if you can do something please get in touch, it’s my one Christmas wish.

That’s a lot of words right there about a serious cause so here’s a T-Rex complaining about his problems.

Did you enjoy the charity bit? You did! Well isn’t that a barrel of amazings! Want to hear something that’s amazing to me? Good.

I’m going to be on TV, It’s going to be live, I’m going to be hosting and it’s going to be for 2 and a half hours.

Right now that’s all I’ve got for you other than it’ll be the 16th January but to say I’m excited is the understatement of the century. I’m more excited than Charlie finding the golden ticket in his chocolate bar, I’m more excited than Mary finding out she was pregnant, I’m more excited than Charlie Sheen reading Nigella Lawson’s new cookbook!



(BOOM! Delicious and Exciting!)

There’s a bunch of other stuff that’s happened including being booked for Gag Reflex and Comedy Store gigs but we don’t need to go into anymore of my ego. I’ll be back soon with some more How To articles and how you guys can get involved with Random Acts of Comedy but if you want to get in touch beforehand that would be fantastic and to everyone who contacted me to say what I was doing was a bad idea I want you to know one thing:

and in the new year we’re going to be bringing comedy to people who really need it, comedy where it matters and where we can make a difference.

Until then have a great time and if I don’t see you before Merry Christmas!


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