Fundraising Facial hair

It’s that time again! People around the world are preparing their faces for the full on lumberjack treatment. Razors are being tossed into the rubbish, electric shavers are left uncharged and women are stocking up on nappy rash cream. Yes it’s Movember!


(I raised all this hair for charity, epic)

Already having a beard means that for me Movember is a month filled with compliments on work I’ve already done, like Bill Gates being congratulated on Microsoft he knows it’s good he doesn’t need your platitudes.

However last year I attended and performed at a men’s health night to support Movember and it opened my eyes. One thing I learned is that 98% of men already have prostate cancer it’s just that often it doesn’t show itself until you’re too old for it to matter. That is a staggering statistic and scared the hell out of me. I like my balls, they’re two of my favourite things. I also like my penis, me and him go way back, so any kind of threat to my good friends down there terrifies me. It scares me more than when I first saw poltergeist and that guy tore his own face off. I was 8.


(This looks 8 year old appropriate right? I mean I never suffered with insomnia because of it, I never screamed at an empty wardrobe because I thought it was going to eat me then wet the bed in terror. That never happened)

I’m a massive supporter of the cause if you’re a guy check out the Bupa page on Men’s Health – Check your balls

If you’re someone who likes a guy go make sure he gets checked out. Men are proud creatures and the idea of a stranger being knuckle deep inside us makes most of us a little nervous. For some of you that’s your thing and I respect it, some people don’t like unknown people in their anus some people like to feel like Kermit the Frog we’re all different and that’s what makes the world great.


(Cancer free since ’63)

If you’re not involved in some way, raising money or even just awareness, head on over to the official Movember page here – Handlebars for heroes – and donate some cash or let others know how to.

Remember it’s better to lose your dignity than lose your balls.

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