It’s been a busy month/week/life. Since the girls came back in May that seems to be our mantra “it’s busy but we’re loving it, it’s busy but we’re having fun, we’ll sleep some other time” so now the girls have settled in to our routine and they’re back at school you’d think we’d be all about the relaxing a bit and just having a little bit of time for ourselves. Well you’d be wrong.



(It’s ok if I don’t sleep I can get the housework done AND all of this work! The hallucinations help keep me company!)

I have made the decision that this year is my year for my first hour show. An hour show is a comedian’s ultimate achievement and a good one can launch your career into the stratosphere, on the flip side a bad one can leave you gigless and struggling to find an audience. It’s a big risk and you shouldn’t be attempting it until you’re an established act. You need to find your voice on stage first AND THEN you need to find a story people can relate to which you can add humour to.

'Lost in Translation' Movie Stills


(Like Lost in Translation except you long to be Bill Murray and Scarlet Johansson is played by a group of Swiss tourists who’ve wandered into your show unknowingly)

Also when you have the story you need to be able to practise it to the point where it’s both funny and poignant. Being a professional comedian means you’re being paid to perform your best work, no one is going to be happy if you start doing long jokes about personal tragedy with an unsure punchline at the end. That’s like being a builder but deciding halfway through the project that you’re going to try out some new turret techniques you’ve learned recently and hoping it still looks like a house at the end.


(Well it sounded great in my head, look I just need a couple more to work on then I’ll come back and finish it off. Until then don’t use the toilets or gas)

It’s a lot of work and most of it is unpaid. The end result could be fantastic and groundbreaking and could win you untold accolades or you could end up on a blacklist preventing you from ever performing on the circuit ever again. Though this hasn’t prevented Jim Davidson from having a semi successful career.

I did a skate festival over the weekend. Myself and another comedian hosted the whole thing. When you get requests for things like that you tend to be nervous about them, festivals are notoriously full of people drinking heavily and expecting bands, they’re not usually great for talking to crowds of people about how funny your kids are. However it was incredibly fun! I’d forgotten how great it is to watch live music some times (you get sick of going to any kind of live performance when it’s your job) AND I have found my new favourite band.

Reading Festival 2010 - Day Two


(Oh god this music is so good it’s making me levitate towards the band! If I just flap my arms and believe I know I can make it)

I urge all of my readers to go to their site and listen to Broken Boat, you should also buy their music and see them live. It’s been a while since I geeked out over a band so it was pretty surprising when I enjoyed these guys. It’s a bit Ed Sheeran, it’s a bit Mumford and Sons but it’s completely fantastic and so far I have listened to the album 8 times. I imagine I will make myself sick of them soon but until then I suggest you go and check them, if only for the fact their site has pretty pictures and some incredible eyebrows.

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