Writing the show

This week is supposed to have been mine and Lucy’s relaxing adult week. The girls are with their Uncle, Aunty and Cousin and as of today have decided they are staying there forever as they are being spoiled rotten. Lucy and I had decided we were going to get work done, cleaning cleaned and shopping shopped. So far what I’ve done is build an Ikea shelving unit.



(Soooo white, so impossibly white)

My plan had been to get some basic house stuff done then start writing my first show. The plan for the show is in place. The concepts and some of the jokes have been written. I have even given it a great name that everyone who’s heard it has agreed it’s both clever and amazing. What I haven’t done is give it structure. A show without structure is like a clown without the makeup, sure he can make funny balloon animals but what’s his message?



(Plus how will he get into children’s nightmares without makeup)

I had an incredible gig last night at the Silverstone racecourse. The other acts were exceedingly high level comics and it’s always humbling to perform with people like that. One of them is writing their first Edinburgh show and the subject of having a message throughout your hour show came up. If you don’t have a clear message all the show becomes is a string of jokes with nothing substantial to it.

The show I’m writing is about the power of positivity. After everything that happened with my girls (a future blog post) there’s nothing more poignant in my life that shows how everything will always be ok in the end.

Except The Only way is Essex. That’s never going to be Ok.


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