Gigs and Gags

Today the girls are going to stay with their uncle, aunty and cousin. This should mean that Lucy and I get some much deserved rest and do all the things we can’t do with the girls here, adult things.


(Oooo Yeah baby insert flange A into slot B, I can’t wait to fill you full of my stuff)

Well at least we would be if I hadn’t booked myself solid. We’d both planned to have this week to relax and we’ve both gone and got more work booked than a decent Polish builder. Today is a prime example we are dropping the girls off, then we both have paperwork and studying to do before I’m performing in Manchester. Total travel time 6 hours. Total relaxation time 2.5 minutes.


(I’m so relaxed I have one of those relaxing cluster migraines)

We’ve already pre paid for a tapas meal as a treat this week and we aren’t sure when we can squeeze it in. Just to confirm we are so busy this week we aren’t sure when we will be able to eat food we’ve already paid for. All because we wanted to get stuff done while the girls were away. Turns out the stuff we’re getting done is growing stress tumours and stomach ulcers.



If you’re about in Manchester tonight I’m opening the Frog and Bucket. Last time I was there I made friends with a gay Yorkshireman, proving that mythical creatures do exist, and the very famous Jack Whitehall said nice things about me so that’s going to be hard to beat.

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