Some of you already know, you little social media fiends you, but today I have the absolute pleasure to announce that I am now sponsored by the lovely ladies at the Truly Scrumptious Boutique !!

I met them when I performed at Boardmasters earlier this month and we decided that we both had the same goal, spreading fun and happiness, so we should combine our forces and spread the amazings!

So what better way to start this beautiful relationship than to give away some free sweets!

Do you want to have this awesome bouquet of tasty treats delivered to your home free of charge?


Of course you do!

All you have to do is tell us what your favourite sweet is and why then share this article on Facebook or Twitter, easy! The funniest answer will be the winner. Just add your answer to the comments below plus your email (otherwise we can’t contact the winner!), Unfortunately we can only deliver inside the UK so apologies to all my international readers.

Don’t forget to follow myself and Truly Scrumptious on twitter so we can see all the sharing amazings!

I’ll announce the winner on Monday 2nd September because everyone needs some happiness on an autumn Monday.



    • I like to live life in the fast lane, therefore my favourite has to be a Snickers because it’s not a Marathon.

  1. My fav is a Milky Way:

    M is for Moreish just because I can
    I is for increase (that’s my waist ban-d!)
    L is for love need I say more?
    K is for king of sweets (no easy chore)
    Y is for yummy because its just so tasty

    W is for wonderful (I hope I’m not to hasty!)
    A is for alien as its from outer space
    Y is for yay as I stuff it in my face!!!!

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