Homeward bound

After 7 hours of travelling, some serious tent problems, a couple of screaming fits, more sugar than a Beyoncé song AND one caravan accident we are finally home.


(Ah so cruise control doesn’t work like that! Damn now how am I going to catch up on hollyoaks?!)

We had a wonderful family holiday but I am ready to scrub myself raw. Also you won’t believe how much I’ve missed a working oven and sleeping horizontally.
It was great to catch up with old friends and make some new ones (I’m looking at you Danielle). As a comic my friends are spread out across the country so getting to see them is a matter of meeting up before or after gigs.


(Or when planning someone’s murder)

Thing is for most of the holiday we were on the campsite either injuring ourselves on the playground or fending off sleep with red bull and a good book. When you’re on holiday you can easily spend £300 in a few of days just on food.



It wasn’t until we got back to the Midlands that we did some crazy stuff.  Surprisingly enough it was at an ikea.


(Furniture AND extreme sports! It’s like all my Christmases came at once)

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