Glamping 5 – Glamp of Steel

Day 2 of the fabulous Boardmasters and not only was yesterday filled with beautiful comedy joy


(James Alderson spreading a shower of golden comedy juice)

But I was also given a buttload of free stuff!


(Comedy candy treats)

The lovely ladies from Truly Scrumptious gave myself and Tom a lovely goody bag full of sweets, just because they’re nice people and Tom promised not to bury any of them in the woods.


(I don’t have a picture of Tom in the woods but he’d appreciate this picture)

Plus to add to that a fellow comic (Ian) gave me a magnum of “champagne” which took me less than an hour to finish and I suspect he won in a raffle.


(I love that Ian understood how much I needed this right now. I think he handed it to me as some kind of defensive manoeuvre)

Awesome show with James, Luke and myself having a great one and Tom having a fantastic one by getting people to throw stuff at him on stage. You can tell how a gig is going by what the crowd want. They wanted to abuse Tom. The crowd threw everything from sweet wrappers to beer cans to a handful of ice. As I’m headlining the final show today I’m wearing a helmet and sports cup.


(BOOM! Now you’ve got blueberry jam instead of balls. Comedy gold!)

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