Glamping 4 – Glamp hard with a vengeance

Yesterday was the first day of Boardmasters! Damn right it was exciting! The day started with me performing magic to 10 kids in an adventure playground. Since moving in with us the girls have been extremely proud of both Lucy and myself, which is why the school now have Lucy on speed dial for cakes and why the other parents have started to dress smarter to pick up their children.


(Daddy do that trick where you make other parent’s self esteem disappear, come on Daddy Josh’s dad just lost his job and if he kills himself we get a day off school)

So it’s become a regular occurrence that I get asked to do magic tricks for children leaving them saying “but mummy Kathrine’s dad can do magic and my daddy didn’t even finish his disappearing and reappearing trick”.

After the campsite fun we headed off to Boardmasters for the start of the fest. What a start it was!


MCing the early show was fun and the room gradually filled up as people were attracted to the laughter, about 400 in fact. The acts were great but a special mention goes to David Arnold (NOT Tom Arnold of 90s sitcom Roseanne fame) who was absolutely hilarious. Good luck to him in the So You Think You’re Funny semis this week!

I love festivals and I love how people are at them but I wasn’t prepared for the evening show. My two closest friends were on the bill with me so this was going to be a bag of amazings.



The tent was packed out, 400-500 people, and all the acts had a fantastic show. BM is the highlight of my year and headlining the comedy is always incredible.


(Welcome to the comedy harem, Shikhs on the left and eunuchs on the right!)

Beautiful gig which got me and Tom free goodies from the sweet van opposite which is a double bonus. I thought that was it and nothing else could compare to how great the show was until we went for dinner and I got to eat mythical genitals.


Puff the magic dragon isn’t living in Honnalee anymore. He’s in a clinic in Cornwall recovering from gender reassignment surgery.

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