Glamping 3 – Newquay Drift

Day 3 of our Glamping experience and it’s safe to say Lucy and I have gone insane from sleep deprivation.



You’d think that all of our body clocks would have adjusted by now but no our bodies refuse to listen to us, instead demanding wine and complaining when it can’t catch up with the new series of Dexter.

The girls are having a fantastic time in the way that little girls do.


(Mix the mud with the seagull crap then pour it into Daddy’s shoes. HOLIDAY!)

Plus they’ve made some new friends! These friends are primarily insects and have been given names, in depth backgrounds and strong emotional attachments.


(If you can’t see anything in this picture then we are in the same boat. Rayne claims that this is Curly the caterpillar and his family is starving while he goes out partying every night, he was recently made redundant and it hit him pretty hard)

Today is the first day of Boardmasters and I can already hear the crowds


(We love you Purchase! Spray us with your Comedy gold!)

It’s raining so I’ll be performing in a Pacman poncho. I’ll have the suit underneath of course, wouldn’t want to be too casual.

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