Glamping 2 – Glamp harder

Would you look at this! It’s day 2 of our Glamping experience and the site owners have gone too far. Ladies and gentlemen I present to you the coin operated rubbish bin.


All I can say to this is “fuck off, I’ll be throwing my tampons and used needles behind the adventure playground like everyone else! We’re not animals!”

For our first holiday it’s been pretty awesome I mean first off we got to see what overpopulation plus the tide coming in looks like


(You can smell the Lynx and Fosters from here)

I didn’t realise how fast the tide actually comes in. It was absolutely fascinating. Well it was to us to the ones who didn’t realise what was happening it was terrifying and ultimately soggy.


(Watching hundreds of people run up a beach with confusion and surprise painted on their faces is the most fun you can have outside)

Today did make me feel old as when I last went camping with my mum and brother the most exciting thing we did in rest times was whittle (and I could sharpen a stick like a pro in no time). These days this is how kids relax.


(They’ve downloaded the much acclaimed Whittling Crush 2 and are requesting help from Facebook friends so they can unlock more wood sharpening fun)

The things kids do now terrifies me. Mainly because my mum used to say “it wasn’t like this in my day” and as we were sharpening sticks I dread to think what they did before that. Probably chased down woolly mammoths with angry words.

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