Well that certainly came as a surprise to me. Not to betting Dr Who fans but definitely to me. I’ll be sad to see Matt Smith go.


(With his floppy hair, bow tie and chin that could cut through double glazing)

Personally I was hoping that the producers would go completely left field with their choice and we’d have someone so unexpected and so totally random that whole new storylines had to be written just to cover his back story.


(Like how violent the Doctor is when drunk and how even though he could have done it he didn’t save the Jews)

I think they’ve made the right choice in the end and I’m really looking forward to Peter Capaldi. I hope he plays it like Malcolm Tucker.


(Oh look here come the cunting Daleks, I’m just going to fuck them to death with my sonic fucking screwdriver. I don’t give a time travelling fuck if it is bigger on the inside, either get the fuck in or get the fuck out before I rip off your head and skullfuck you to death)

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