What the frack?

The big news from our government this week is that Lord Howell of Guildford suggested we should start fracking again in the desolate North East.



(Sucks to be you Newcastle!)

Glad to see that they’re focusing on the important issues again rather than messing around with those frivolous subjects like NHS funding, Social Services being stretched so far that they miss child abuse and privatising our police force.

If you’re going to suggest this in government at least get your facts straight and don’t mistake one area with another! Come on Howell get it right – Lord Howell admits he meant North West England

Because apparently there is absolutely nothing in “Desolate North West England”



(I mean who the hell has even heard of Manchester? Frack the shit out of it!)

It scares me that opinions like this still exist among our ruling class. I can’t wait for next week when Howell tries to bring back slavery by turning Wales into a slave breeding pen.



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