Party excitement

Today’s blog is shorter than normal as it’s my youngest daughter’s birthday and we have a lot of cake to eat.




(Because if we spend 4 hours making a cake we’re going to have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner goddamit!)

We’re all pretty excited and as she’s 6 today we’ve made the place colourful and perfect for anyone with a low attention span.



(Multicoloured balloons? Check. Multiple presents? Check. Fairy wings? Sorted. Now lower the pinata shaped like David Cameron and lets enjoy watching the kids beat the sweets out of it)

Last night I did a lovely gig in Moseley called Fat Penguin run by the lovely Jay Handley. Unfortunately due to the party preparations I had to leave right after my opening set but the room was full and the audience were lovely. Some even took pictures of us which is dangerous.



(Masai Graham and Harriet Dyer are about to become exceedingly famous so you can either see them now where you might be able to touch them or wait for the Tour where you’ll have to wait for a bouncer to choose you out of a group of other fans. Photo by Mara Leftlung) 

For some reason I always look like I’m planning on eating the other acts.

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