Easy like Sunday morning

Who doesn’t love lazy Sundays? Waking up late, staying in your pyjamas until mid afternoon, watching Come Dine with me back to back and finally consuming more roast meat than a series of Man Vs Food.


(It’s like porn but for my mouth, I’ll have the double cardiac arrest with a side order of gravy sweats)

Our Sundays used to involve regular 300 mile drives stretching across 7 hours which is not overly terrible but the girls will really only let us listen to one album and since I learned all the words to One Direction’s “What makes you beautiful” I’ve realised there are worse things than root canals.

Since getting the girls back we’ve been able to enjoy the benefits of a lazy Sunday though I have started taking liberties. There are certain places you should wear pyjamas – in bed, in your living room after just waking up, in your living room right before you go to bed and when you’re saving someone from drowning. There are certain places you shouldn’t wear pyjamas – at job interviews, to lapdancing clubs, for a family funeral and when picking up chinese food from the nearby takeaway. I’ve never been one to stick to the rules of society.


(I’d like a double sausage and egg mcmuffin with extra snuggles please)

I heartily recommend wearing your pyjamas outside, it makes every shopping trip a comfortable shopping trip.

When I was younger Sunday was the family day. My mum, my brother and me would go and see my Nan and all my aunties/uncles/nephews/assigned pets so it’s nice to have it back to that. Last Sunday we spent the day watching my eldest sing to 400 people in weather so hot I could feel the sweat pouring down my back in torrents.




(No couple would want to kiss under that particular waterfall so here’s one with a little more romance, but seriously my back looked like it was lactating)

And this Sunday we spent doing normal family things. Pyjamas, movies, crafts, roast dinners, feeding ducklings and supporting soft toys through crippling addiction issues.



(It’s ok Libby it’s just one day at a time)

So I hope you all had as nice a Sunday as we had and I genuinely hope your Monday is a lot better for it (we all know you hate Mondays just try not to tell your boss where he can shove his weekly reports and definitely don’t defecate on his desk as a sign of protest, I don’t recommend it)

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